Decoration Methods

We utilize a variety of different decoration methods and will work with the option(s) best suited for each individual project.

The majority of the time when someone is looking to have apparel decorated, they will say that they are looking for a business who can do "screen printing".  Screen printing has been around for a very long time and became ubiquitous with apparel printing - so much so that most people looking to have garments decorated still typically ask for screen printing.  

While we do offer this service, we tend to advise the majority of our customers to go the DTF decoration route for many reasons.

What does DTF stand for?

DTF stands for direct to film. It combines the precision of digital printing with the versatility of screen printing to produce high-quality, detailed designs and can be applied on a large range of materials.

 Environmental Benefits of DTF Versus Other Decoration Methods

Unlike traditional screen printing methods, a DTF design is printed directly onto a special film which is called a carrier.  This film serves as the transfer medium for the design to be applied to the garment.  The ink that is used in DTF prints is water based and eco friendly and the carrier film itself is recyclable.  

Traditional screen methods require custom screens to be created for each job and utilize plastisol inks that contain PVC and phthalates which are toxic and harmful to the environment.  The screens created also need to be rinsed and cleaned with chemicals in order to be able to be reused.  If you have a multi-colour design, each colour within the design will require a different screen to be made.

Key Advantages of DTF Printing on Apparel:

Detail and Complexity:

DTF printing excels in reproducing intricate details and complex designs with high precision, making it ideal for intricate patterns, photorealistic images, and fine text.  DTF designs do not limit you in terms of the number of colours you can have in your designs; you can also easily utilize gradients which can also be done with screen printing albeit through a very tedious and time consuming method.

Versatility in Fabrics:

DTF is suitable for printing on various types of fabrics and materials, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more. This versatility makes it a popular choice for creating customized apparel across different material types.

Colour Vibrancy:

The digital nature of the process ensures vibrant and accurate colour reproduction, allowing for a broad spectrum of colours to be used in the design.

Quick Turnaround Time:

DTF printing offers a relatively quick turnaround time, making it well-suited for on-demand or small-batch production without compromising on quality.

Reduced Setup Time:

Compared to traditional screen printing, DTF requires minimal setup time, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective production.

No Set-up Cost:

Typically with screen printing, customers will be charged a set up fee for the screens that will be used for their job as these screens need to be created for each specific run and ordinarily are not reused for other jobs due to the time consuming nature of stripping the screens. With DTF there are no set-up costs and your design can be scaled from a left chest logo size to a full back/front logo with ease.


The cured ink forms a durable bond with the fabric, resulting in prints that withstand regular wear, washing, and exposure to the elements.  DTF prints also have an incredibly soft hand feel.

DTF printing on apparel combines the advantages of digital printing and screen printing, delivering high-quality, detailed, and vibrant designs with efficiency and versatility. It caters to the demands of modern customization, making it a valuable choice for businesses and individuals seeking a premium and personalized approach to garment decoration.


Like any decorated garment, proper care is required to ensure maximum longevity of your apparel.  Our recommendation is to turn garments inside out, machine wash cold on gentle setting without the use of fabric softeners or bleach; tumble dry on low setting without the use of dryer sheets or line dry.  

Give us a call to see how we can bring any design to life on your garments!